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Should I Go Back to Rehab?

That is why many rehab centers offer special rehab programs that provide extended care which can last throughout a person’s lifetime. If relapse occurs, it’s time to get into an alcohol or drug rehab right away. It’s important to get back into a treatment program quickly, as it will immediately cut off access to the substance and help the person reclaim control over their recovery. You’ve probably heard stories of people going in and out of treatment for substance use disorders. The media likes to tell vivid tales of celebrities who are struggling with their own substance use issues. Or you might have friends or relatives who went to a treatment center and relapsed years or months later.

  • It may include a therapist, the appropriate local 12-step hotline, and more.
  • You may be feeling a mix of emotions, and it is important to start sorting through the things you feel and take actionable steps.
  • Certain studies have proven that long-term drug and alcohol treatment is much more effective than short-term care.

This includes keeping up with hygiene, household chores, going to work, attending school, caring for family, and more. However, if you find yourself returning to a pattern of use for several days or weeks, relapse is likely necessary. In part, this is because you’re less likely to attend 12-step meetings and more likely to isolate once you return to a pattern of using. At the very least, someone who slips or experiences a relapse should attend a 12-step meeting.

Should You Go Back to Rehab?

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  • Keep in mind that your insurer may provide some form of coverage for substance use disorder treatment if you have health insurance.
  • Take action as soon as possible to get back on the path to recovery.
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Think of Relapse as a Stepping Stone

Certain studies have proven that long-term drug and alcohol treatment is much more effective than short-term care. If a person has to be in short-term care, the risk of them relapsing can be reduced by placing them in relapse prevention programs afterwards. Take action as soon as possible to get back on the path to recovery.

going back to rehab

Each day the person continues using makes recovery more difficult. Relapse must be taken seriously, as a return to drug or alcohol abuse can have dangerous going back to rehab — and even deadly — consequences. In recovery, a relapse occurs when someone has had a period of abstinence followed by a return to alcohol or drug use.

Leaving rehab requires planning; here are six actions to prevent relapse.

For instance, those who are addicted to drugs that cause serious withdrawal symptoms, such as opiates, would probably need to be admitted into a treatment center that can help with the detoxification process. People who are seeking addiction treatment after a relapse have several options to choose from. Most of them depend on the type of substance that a person is addicted to. Lastly, the addicted person needs to try to get away from any places or people which could trigger them to start using drugs or alcohol again. For example, an individual with an alcohol use disorder should avoid going to a bar or seeing their old drinking buddies.

Artists performing “Go Back to Rehab Tour” at Bangor Area Recovery Network this afternoon – FOX Bangor/ABC 7 News and Stories

Artists performing “Go Back to Rehab Tour” at Bangor Area Recovery Network this afternoon.

Posted: Wed, 13 Mar 2024 13:05:00 GMT [source]

Addiction is a brain disorder that causes people to engage in compulsive drug use despite knowing the physical, legal and social consequences. For those who don’t care for the format or concepts of 12-step groups, there are similar types of support, including Buddhist based Recovery Dharma and secular groups like SMART Recovery. The type of support community is not as important as engaging with the group and getting support in the early days of recovery. Most importantly, continue to remember that recovery does not happen just one way. There may be a variety of twists and turns on this journey, but it is important always to arm yourself with information.

Reasons Why Someone May Relapse

Although this statement may feel discouraging, this perspective is a tool that can help you control your addictive patterns. Continued awareness of the psychological and physiological effects of addiction will help alert you when it’s time to seek support and can prevent you from returning to past harmful behaviors. Alcohol and drug addiction is a chronic illness and requires ongoing maintenance and care.

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